• Thomas Roth

      Thomas Roth 

      Thomas Roth, President and Founder, launched Community Marketing, Inc. in 1992, and has served as its President for over 20 years. Tom and his team have developed a spectrum of products and services to skillfully lead the company’s global clients to their goals. Tom is now primarily dedicating his industry-leading expertise to head up the Community Marketing & Insights division, which produces the annual LGBT Community Survey®, as well as custom consumer research studies for a variety of market leaders. Tom enga...

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    • Aaron Drake

      Aaron Drake 

      Aaron Drake was corn fed, born and raised in Ohio before relocating to California at the age of 20. He graduated magna cum laude with honors from The Ohio State University with a B.A. in Mass Communication & Social Issues. The former editor of Frontiers magazine, Los Angeles’ local gay rag, Aaron has also freelanced for The Advocate, Outlook Weekly, GayCities and OutinAmerica.com. He is at present Executive Editor of Gaycation Magazine. Aaron was introduced to the exciting world of travel during college when he studied abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since then his travels have taken ...

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    • David Duran

      David Duran 

      David Duran: Journalist who contributes to international and domestic publications in a variety of areas with a major focus on travel and LGBT issues, including HIV. David Duran began his career in journalism by contributing with political opinions in local newspapers during the 2004 election cycle in the United States. He later worked as a news reporter for the Bay Area Reporter in San Francisco before transitioning to entertainment writing while also having a syndicated business column, which featured top LGBT entrepreneurs in the Bay Area and New York. David currently trave...

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    • Auston Matta

      Auston Matta 

      Auston Matta, Editor & Co-Founder, Two Bad Tourists, he grew up in Phoenix before escaping to Chicago in 2008. After 4 years working as an engineer, he sold his belongings and embarked on a round-the-world trip. After traveling non-stop for a year, he finally settled in Spain with his husband where he now calls home. When he’s not traveling or writing guides about events, festivals or the best LGBT destinations, he enjoys the long sunny days and nightlife of Madrid. ...

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    • Deena Fidas

      Deena Fidas 

      Deena Fidas is the director of the Workplace Equality Program and leads the Corporate Equality Index survey and annual report to over 1,200 major employers, corporate public policy outreach and research on emerging workplace inclusion topics. Fidas has consulted directly with hundreds of Fortune 500 and other major businesses on the implementation of equitable policies and benefits for diverse employee populations. She works closely with company representatives to help them identify areas of potential improvement and works with their key stakeholders to effect change within their organizations...

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    • Alex Diaz

      Alex Diaz 

      Alex nació en Bayamón el 25 de mayo de 1984. Es el segundo hijo de cuatro hermanos. Desde pequeño mostro un gran interés en las artes, música y el deporte aunque asegura que el deporte no se lleva con él. En sus años escolares participo en varios musicales y obras de teatro siendo siempre uno de los más sobresalientes del grupo. En la escuela superior fue premiado por Creaciones ESTA como el actor del año 2002. Al llegar a la universidad decide estudiar comunicaciones en la Interamericana de Bayamón, pero como entendía que los estudios no lo eran todo decide ir a varios castings en los canales...

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    • John Tanzella

      John Tanzella 

      John Tanzella is the President/CEO of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, the leading member-based global organization dedicated to expand LGBT tourism for the benefit of travelers and members. Since his arrival in 2005, IGLTA membership has increased to over ​6​​,​5​7​0 ​tourism and media ​contacts in more than ​80​ countries​,​ and he now oversees staff and representatives in 23 countries/regions from the U.S. headquarters​ in Florida​. Prior to joining IGLTA, Tanzella served as the director of corporate relations for the Human Rights Campaign.​ Other experience includes co...

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    • Donna Keren

      Donna Keren

      Donna Keren 

      Ph.D :: Senior Vice President, Research & Analytics, NYC & Company // Donna J. Keren joined NYC & Company, New York City’s official tourism, marketing and partnership organization in 2002. She directs one of the travel industry’s most comprehensive and forward-looking research programs. Research & Analysis at NYC & Company is the office of record for vital statistics on the city’s tourism industry. In addition to annual reports on visitors and the economic impa...

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    • Roberto Palais

      Roberto Palais 

      Roberto Palais es actualmente el Secretario Ejecutivo del Instituto Nacional de Promoción Turistica.  El Inprotur, es el organismo encargado de la promoción turistica internacional Argentina.

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    • Tony Tenicela

      Tony Tenicela 

      IBM Corporation :: Senior sales and delivery executive with expertise in needs-based selling, relationship management, marketing, business development, operations, technology, and general business acumen. Sought after by both multinational corporations and emerging enterprises as a thought leader in the areas of diversity, social media, collaborative environments, workforce transformation, and innovation strategy. Extensive experience providing strategic guidance for MNCs and indigenous enterprises ...

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    • Denise Norris

      Denise Norris 

      Denise Norris is currently the lead for global transgender workplace inclusion at Accenture, a global management consulting firm with over 250,000 employees world-wide and she also serves on the Board of Directors for Marriage Equality USA, a national organization advocating an end of discrimination regarding civil marriage for all people regardless of gender or orientation. Her roots in the Transgender community extend b...

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    • Jamie Baxter

      Jamie Baxter 

      Vice President of Marketing at dotgay LLC Jamie Baxter joined the dotgay LLC team in January 2011 as the Vice President of Marketing, jumping into the ICANN world and the new gTLD program with both feet from day one. Inspired by a community-based approach to creating the new .gay TLD, the move to join a passionate team of LGBT advocates was a natural fit. As the key community liaison for the .gay initiative, ...

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    • Steven Levin

      Steven Levin 

      Head of Global Sales at Grindr. A highly successful media executive who develops and manages top sales talent to increase revenues through strategic positioning, best sales tactics, compelling sales presentations, and effective use of research and marketing tools. Grindr is the world's largest gay, bi, and curious location-based mobile network.  Blendr is a social networking tool using Location Based Services (LBS) to empower users to connect based upon shared interests. I h...

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    • Tobías Sauer

      Tobías Sauer 

      Editor-in-Chief at Spartacus Traveler :: Germany

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    • Marcela Cuesta

      Marcela Cuesta

      Marcela Cuesta 

      Coordinadora de Enlace con el CFT  (Consejo Federal de Turismo) en el Ministerio de Turismo de la Nación.

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    • Max Adoue

      Max Adoue 

      Consultor en Hoteleria, Turismo & Hospitalidad

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    • Ruben Mora

      Ruben Mora 

      RUBÉN MORA, es Director Comercial y de Nuevos Negocios en Mundo Joven Travel Shop. Es uno de los jóvenes directivos sobresalientes en el turismo juvenil en México y América Latina. Ha creado una alianza entre ISIC y el gobierno del Distrito Federal para crear “Capital Joven ISIC”, primera en su tipo a nivel mundial que beneficiará a más de 2 millones 300 mil jóvenes de entre 14 y 29 años de edad que viven en la ciudad de México. Esta credencial, está avalada por la UNESCO y tendrá beneficios para el acceso a eventos culturale...

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    • Chance Mitchell

      Chance Mitchell 

      NGLCC Co-Founder & CEO :: Chance Mitchell co-founded the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce with Justin Nelson in November 2002.  Prior to launching the NGLCC, Chance provided information technology assistance and litigation management services to one of the nation's top law firms. His former projects encompass some of the largest cases in the country. Apart from the legal arena, Chance served as an executive for a global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce company where he coordinated e-business initiatives, managed client relationships and developed strategic marketing p...

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    • Justin Nelson

      Justin Nelson 

      Justin was named one of the 25 Leading Men of 2006 by Instinct Magazine. Justin has served as a past volunteer coordinator for the Wyoming Special Olympics, a Capitol Hill Chair for the March of Dimes Walk America and he served on the advisory board for the First Wyoming Race for the Cure

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    • Roberto Girotti

      Roberto Girotti 

      Executive Consultant - Latin America & Caribbean at Delta Air Lines.  Assisting the VP of Latin America with unique and exclusive branding and sponsorship opportunities to position the company as the leader in the region. Specialties:30+ years of proven leadership in upper management of large multicultural/multilingual groups. Latin America focus Sales & Marketing specialist, Advertising and Branding strategist with complete fluency in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

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    • Pablo Castro

      Pablo Castro 

      Vicepresidente de Le Clef D'or Argentina.  Actualmente lleva adelante su trabajo profesional en Sofitel Arroyo.

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    • Michael J. D. Warner

      Michael J. D. Warner 

      Michael J.D. Warner is Principal & Founder of ThunderReach, a New York City-based social marketing & PR consultancy. Michael has over 10 years experience working with professionals, celebrities and brands across a diverse range of industries to develop and expand their social presence across mainstream social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. He founded GroupG3 - an emerging LGBT global professional network - in 2011, and has 11 years of Wall Street work experience. Michael is a CFA charterholder, and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with honors from ...

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    • Pablo De Luca

      Pablo De Luca 

      Presidente y Co-fundador de la Cámara de Comercio Gay Lésbica Argentina (CCGLAR), Director de Gnetwork360, consultores en marketing para el segmento LGBT en América Latina y organizador de GNETWORK360, Conferencia Internacional sobre Negocios y Turismo LGBT. Junto a Gustavo Noguera, edita desde 2004 Gmaps360, la Guía LGBT Argentina.

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    • Ana Fernandez

      Ana Fernández

      Ana Fernandez 

      Director of Sales LATAM Visit St. Pete/Clearwater CVB, She is born & raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio where she received her Bachelor in Science of Business Administration with a major in Marketing. In Puerto Rico owned her own Events Coordinator and Meeting Planner Company with clients such as Tourism Department, the Chamber of Commerce, major corporations and associations.  In 1997 joined Markets & More Travel as a Sales Manager for Corporate, Leisure & Educational Groups. In 2000 moved to Tampa, Florida where she worked as a S...

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    • Fernando De Andreis

      Fernando de Andreis

      Fernando De Andreis 

      Fernando De Andreis, nació en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires el 10 de enero de 1976.  Tiene 37 años, y es Licenciado en Administración de Empresas de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. En 2003 inició su carrera en la Administración Pública, en el espacio que lidera Mauricio Macri.  Hasta 2007 se desempeñó como asesor de Marcos Peña, quien entonces era legislador de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Fue Presidente de la juventud del partido en 2005 y responsable de la Política Universitaria del PRO durante varios años.  A fines de 2007 asumió como legislador d...

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    • Gustavo Noguera

      Gustavo Noguera 

      Vicepresidente y Co-fundador de la Cámara de Comercio Gay Lésbica Argentina (CCGLAR), Director de Gnetwork360, consultores en marketing para el segmento LGBT en América Latina y organizador de GNETWORK360, Conferencia Internacional sobre Negocios y Turismo LGBT. Junto a Pablo De Luca, edita desde 2004 Gmaps360, la Guía LGBT Argentina.

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    • Marcelo Costa

      Marcelo Costa 

      Es actualmente Coordinador de los productos: LGBT, Golf, Polo y Alta Gama en el INPROTUR (Instituto Nacional de Promoción Turística) organismo al que pertenece desde 2015. Anteriormente fue Director para Hipanoamérica y Caribe en Delta Air Lines con base en Argentina y tambien como GSA General Manager, Responsable de Argentina & Uruguay. Comenzó su carrera como ejecutivo de cuentas en Copa Airlines, donde dirigió el proyecto Vacaciones en Copa. Realizó una Maestría en Gestión orientada al Turismo de Negocios & Marketing.

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    • Billy Kolber

      Billy Kolber 

      ManAboutWorld Founder :: Billy Kolber graduated from Yale with a B.S. in biology. In his senior year, he was elected Business Manager of the Whiffenpoofs, and organized their traditional round-the-world tour. Upon his return, he started a career in travel, managing the American Express travel agency in New Haven, Connecticut and serving on the Pan American World Airlines Travel Agency Advisory Board. He left American Express to co-found OUT&ABOUT, the ground-breaking gay travel newsletter and website, which he sold to PlanetOut.com in 2000. A true renaissance man and entrepreneur, he has w...

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    • Craig Smith

      Craig Smith 

      Es actualmente Presidente de Source Events, una empresa especializada en Turismo Gay de Alta Gama. Source Events is more than a travel company. We think of ourselves as an "Experience Company," a producer of travel, events and memories, designed and customized for our gay community and friends who are adventurous, imaginative and free-thinking.  The adventure of Source Events began in 2001, through conversations with like-minded friends and a shared vision of crafting unique and inspiring experiences. Source Events is about e...

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    • Ivan Cano

      Ivan Cano 

      Representante de World Out Games, Miami 2017.

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    • Matias Emanuel Garcia

      Matias Emanuel Garcia 

      Lic. En administración de empresas, actualmente gerente en Flamenco Tour, empresa de viajes y turismo de la ciudad de Puerto Madryn con un enfoque particular en el segmento LGBT.

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    • Annelise Di Santo

      Annelise Di Santo 

      ANNELISE DI SANTO es Representante en Latinoamérica del ELLA FESTIVAL, uno de los festivales LES mas importantes del mundo.  Es Licenciada en Ciencias de la Comunicación y organizadora de eventos. Productora general de Cambacuá eventos, shows y espectáculos de entretenimiento para eventos sociales y empresariales.

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    • Scott Seitz

      Scott Seitz 

      Scott Seitz is the CEO and founder of SPI and is widely recognized and cited as one of the most influential persons in gay marketing. Scott has been involved in gay and lesbian marketing for nearly 20 years. Scott brings a diverse background from Kodak and Pepsi into the marketplace with working backgrounds in business-to-business sales, operations, distribution, new product introductions, quality control, reengineering, brand and consumer marketing. Shaping a unique approach to the marketplace...

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    • Richard Gray

      Richard Gray 

      "Richard has been one of the most experienced and influential individuals in Greater Fort Lauderdale gay tourism and hospitality, and it is a great win for us to have him part of the team," said Nicki E. Grossman, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. "For us the LGBT market is not a niche market but a market in its own right. With Richard's background as both a local proprietor and advocate for LGBT travel and tourism in the region, we feel the timing is right to make this next important step fo...

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    • Nicolas Briceño

      Nicolas Briceño 

      Nicolás Briceño Head of Art en McCann Santiago

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    • Lic. Fernando Garcia Soria

      Lic. Fernando García Soria

      Lic. Fernando Garcia Soria 

      Secretario de Turismo de la Provincia de Salta

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    • Sergio Martin Sciacchitano

      Sergio Sciacchitano

      Sergio Martin Sciacchitano 

      Sergio Schiacchitano es actualmente Subsecretario de Turismo de San Martin de los Andes.

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    • Sergio Dobrusin

      Arq. Sergio Dobrusin

      Sergio Dobrusin 

      El Arq. Sergio Dobrusin, es actualmente Ministro de Turismo de la Provincia de Misiones.

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    • Horacio Díaz del Barco

      Horacio Díaz del Barco 

      Horacio Díaz del Barco, Consejero de Turismo, Director en la Oficina Española de Turismo, Embajada de España.   

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    • Bryan van Gorder

      Bryan van Gorder 

      Bryan van Gorder has come a long way since writing his first piece in nail polish on his mother's coffee table. (The piece was reviled, incidentally.) Since then, he has been writing freelance pieces for The Advocate, Out Traveler, Palm Springs Desert Outlook, and L-Mag - mostly on travel, but sometimes on other things like HIV studies or Christina Applegate. He is currently a contributor for Out Traveler and lives in West Hollywood. ...

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    • Casey Koslowski

      Casey Koslowski 

      Proprietor of  The Grand Resort & Spa :: Fort Lauderdale. In the Summer of 2001, Casey, along with partners based in his hometown of Milwaukee, purchased the Grand Resort as he saw a niche for a sophisiticated yet fun gay owned & operated resort in Fort Lauderdale. He believes by providing a wealth of amenities in a laid-back atmoshpere that there is much for both the gay business & leisure traveler to enjoy. A South Beach resident since 1999, Casey concentrate...

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    • Andres Vazquez Moreno

      Andres Vazquez Moreno 

      Emprendedor experto negocios y tecnología, es CEO de GayHills.com y VP de la Cámara de Comercio LGBT de Colombia – Copropietario de diferentes iniciativas en EEUU y Latinoamérica. Es un politólogo que después de haber sido 12 años activista de la causa LGBT cree que también desde los negocios, la tecnología y la comunicación se puede cambiar las realidades de la comunidad. Entrepreneur expert in LGBT Business and Technology, CEO of GayHills.com and VP of Colombian LGBT Chamber of Commerce - Co-founder of different business in...

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    • Felipe Cárdenas

      Felipe Cardenas

      Felipe Cárdenas 

      CEO of Colombian LGBT Chamber of Commerce - Entrepreneur interested in Investment Projects & LGBT business // CEO Camara de Comerciantes LGBT de Colombia - Interesado en Proyectos de Inversion & Negocios LGBT

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    • Esperanza Coarasa

      Esperanza Coarasa 

      Concierge en Alvear Palace Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    • Marco Antônio de Britto Lomanto

      Marco Lomanto

      Marco Antônio de Britto Lomanto 

      Marco Antônio de Britto Lomanto :: Embratur

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    • Joz Torres

      Joz Torres 

      Vicepresidente de la Cámara de Comercio LGBT de Perú

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    • César Casas

      César Casas 

      Presidente de la Federación Mexicana de Empresarios LGBT.  FME-LGBT tiene como objetivo el desarrollo económico de los empresarios LGBT y pertenece a la red mundial de organizaciones de negocios y cámaras de comercio NGLCC-Global con el patrocinio de USAID.  César tambien es Director de Revista Betún.  

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    • Arnaldo Vilchez

      Arnaldo Vilchez 

      Presidente de la Cámara de Comercio LGBT de Perú, Director de G-World Travel y Columnista de Revista Plurales.

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    • Mina Schwerdtfeger

      Mina Schwerdtfeger 

      Comunicadora, creativa e investigadora. Empática por naturaleza, se especializa en manejo y coordinación de grupos, comunicación interpersonal y administración de redes. En la actualidad es Social Media de PeekG LGBT Multimedia Site, portal de noticias con contenido de actualidad, turismo, notas, arte, leyes y tolerancia social. Desde hace más de un año se desarrolla en el manejo de redes dentro del segmento LGBT. Durante los años previos y en la actualidad, trabaja en el campo de la investigación y la creatividad, manejo y coordinación de grupos y laboratorios de...

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    • Carolina Siri

      Carolina Siri 

      Periodista, fotógrafa y creativa. Curiosa por naturaleza, se especializa en comunicación, marketing & branding.  Ceo & Founder de PeekG LGBT Multimedia Site, portal de noticias con contenido de actualidad, turismo, notas, arte, leyes y tolerancia social. Desde el 2009 desarrolla sus diferentes profesiones dentro del ámbito de la comunidad LGBT con activa presencia en las acciones del colectivo. Previo al año 2009, se desarrolló principalmente en medios de comunicación (gráfica, radio, tv y productoras) como periodista y agente de prensa, realizando tareas de redacción (Télam), produ...

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    • Chip McKenney

      Chip McKenney 

      Chip McKenney

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    • Adrian Bertini

      Adrian Bertini 

      CEO en BrandPR Argentina

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    • Gaston McKay

      Gaston McKay 

      Gastón McKay

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    • Cecilia Ursino

      Cecilia Ursino 

      CEO en B-Leave

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    • Annie Millet

      Annie Millet

      Annie Millet 

      CEO en Destino Argentina

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    • Marco Palacios

      Marco Palacios 

      CEO en TopDest

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    • Alejandro Amestoy

      Alejandro Amestoy 

      CEO en Cynsa  

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  • Opiniones:



      Mark Palmer EdgecumbeGOOGLE, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, EMEA

      "I have worked with Gnetwork360 for a number of years and find them to be highly professional, creative, client focused and expert on the LGBT in South America. I recently spoke at and attended their 2013 conference in Buenos Aires and this was an exceptional event bringing together world experts to create a conference that was of high quality and delivered great results."

    • Bob Witeck

      Bob Witeck President, Witeck Communications, Inc.

      "The organizers bring to their business mission a profound sense of personal commitment, engagement and strong attention to detail. I find their gifts for networking and building global connections are inspiring. They are capably building an effective and important Latin American base for worldwide LGBT tourism and hospitality, and in no small way, I hope to contribute to that goal. "


      Ed SalvatoEditor in chief and co-founder, ManAboutWorld Magazine

      "Gnetwork360 has helped put Buenos Aires and Argentina on the gay map. The third and sixth annual gay travel conferences, at which I spoke on two panels and which I covered as a journalist, were an exciting and momentous gathering. I look forward to working with Gnetwork360 again on the next annual conference."

    • Marta Dalla Chiesa

      Marta Dalla ChiesaPresident - Brazilian Gay & Lesbian Travel Association

      "GNETWORK 360 is an event for LGBT business that became one of the most important in South America..."

    • SPEAKERS2014-JON

      Jon Paul BuchmeyerSenior Vice President, Digital Marketing at M Booth

      "As a speaker at the GNetwork360 conference, I got to see first hand the talent for pulling together important decision makers from both the travel industry and government institutions to put on a first rate conference that makes a difference. I can't wait to attend and speak again."

    • Roberto Girotti

      Roberto Girotti Delta Air Lines, Executive Consultant

      "Estoy muy contento con la eficiencia y la organización de este evento.  Además sorprendido positivamente con la enorme convocatoria..."

    • Andres Alberto Vazquez Moreno

      Andres Vázquez MorenoGayHills, CEO & Founder

      "Every year since january I block two or three dates, August is for Gnetwork360, one of the LGBT conferences worldwide that you can't miss. In 2013 we attended Gnetwork360 representing our company and was very productive, we found new and updated information about LGBT market, profesional speakers and the most valuable, very relevant contacts for our business as new clients, suppliers and advisors. We will continue attending GNetwork360"


      Felipe CárdenasCEO, Camara de Comerciantes LGBT de Colombia

      "Since 2012 that we are joining to GNetowrk360 we have had the chance to meet, interact & get to know deeper all the developments of LGBT Business in Argetina and pretty much worldwide due to all the guests that attend. For us in the Colombian LGBT Chamber of Commerce is crucial continue attending to this important event now more than before that we have signed a Multi-laterall Agreement to cooperate between Argentina & Colombia to promote LGBT Business & Entrepreneurship! See you all in August in BsAs!

    • Serge Gojkovich

      Serge GojkovichCEO at Zapamti Agency (GCI) VP Of Marketing & Sales at ParkMe CEO at CurbStand

      “The Gnetwork360 event in Buenos Aires was a great opportunity to meet with LGBT travel professionals with a South American and international perspective.  It was extremely informative and rewarding. “

    • Clark Massad

      Clark MassadVice President - Europe & Global Partnerships | IGLTA

      "I attended my first GNetwork360 Conference in 2013 and impressed with the level of professionalism of the event. GNetwork360 provided me with many opportunities to network and make new business contacts in Argentina and several other South American countries. This is a valuable and useful conference for anyone looking to do business in this region."

    • Gregg Kaminsky

      Gregg KaminskyR Family Vacations - Founder

      “I had the privilege of speaking at the 2013 Gnetwork in Buenos Aires. The event was very professional with a fantastic program of LGBT leaders of the travel industry from around the world. This event offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about everything that is happening in the world of gay travel. I think it’s extremely useful for both the attendees who have access to the acclaimed speakers and those of us who spoke at the event. We were able to network with many other leaders in the LGBT travel industry. It was a wonderful opportunity for me and look forward to returning again to Argentina!”

    • Mark Vogler

      Mark VoglerFounder/CMO, Out InThe Vineyard

      "As a longtime LGBT marketer I was invited to speak on Gay Wine Travel at Gnetwork360 2013 in Buenos Aires, where I expected to simply present and answer questions. However, I suddenly found myself learning new things about the GLOBAL LGBT community, which I took with me back to the US and applied to my own business! Gnetwork360 is a global player in the LGBT space with an unparalleled network of resources available to anyone interested in learning about and effectively reaching the diverse LGBT community."

    • Max Adoue

      Max AdoueManager, Esplendor Hoteles Boutique - Montevideo,

      GNetwork360 es gran oportunidad para aprender acerca de Marketing y Turismo LGBT.  La calidad y experiencia de los panelistas internacionales, hace de esta una oportunidad que no debe ser desaprovechada.  El evento se supera a si mismo año a año! Deseo estar allí para conocer con que nos sorprenderán en esta 7ma conferencia!

    • Mya Reyes

      Mya ReyesPresident, Evolve Vegas NYE

      My participation in GNetwork360 was an amazing opportunity to meet with leaders in the LGBT travel industry in South America. I made several contacts that resulted in business opportunities for Las Vegas. I would recommend this event to anyone interested in booking business from affluent travelers with the discretionary income that results in positive economic impact to any destination.

    • George Neary

      George NearyAVP, Cultural Tourism, Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau

      GNetwork360 creates aan annual conference where LGBT people and their allies from all over the world meet in Argentina and attend top notch seminars and sessions concerning issues relating to Lgbt marketing/business and networking.  At this unique event, attendees get the opportunity to meet with business leaders in their fields and it’s possible to meet personally with these important business people and create business opportunities. This annual conference is a must attend for those who want to increase their business and outreach in Latin America and beyond!

    • Matt Skallerud

      Matt SkallerudCEO, Pink Banana Media

      GNetwork360 has proven year after year what incredible LGBT business opportunities exist in Argentina and South America. By being the catalyst for bringing companies large and small together to learn the latest on how to reach the LGBT community, while creating an environment for these companies to meet the individuals capable of helping them to achieve their goals in LGBT marketing outreach, GNetwork360 stands out as one of the true leaders in the LGBT marketplace.  

    • Billy Kolber

      Billy KolberFounder, ManAboutWorld Magazine

      "Gnetwork360 is essential learning and networking for anyone looking to be a player in today's gay travel industry"

    • Justin Nelson

      Justin NelsonCEO, National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (US)

      ​Given our expanding work to connect LGBT business owners around the world to business opportunities with multinational corporations and one another, we wouldn't miss GNetwork360. Every year we make quality connections and know we will gain new perspectives to help make our work in Latin America more successful.

    • Andre Fischer

      André FischerCEO, Junior Magazine, Revista H & Mix Brasil

      Gnetwork360 is a great opportunity to meet and know more about the work of key actors in the global LGBT travel and media industry. In the last years the event formed around it a network of professionals interested in the Latin American market and has been providing content for both the local and international attenders.

    • John Tanzella

      John TanzellaCEO, International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association

      Since GNetwork360 began, IGLTA has been a proud partner.  As the leading annual conference in Latin America, it continues to grow and provide valuable education on the LGBT market to communities and governments.

    • Daniela Bouret

      Lic. Daniela Bouret VespaTeatro Solís (Montevideo, ROU), Directora

      Esta conferencia se ha convertido en referencia ineludible para quienes están trabajando específicamente en los temas de diversidad, equidad, marketing, turismo, negocios y comunicación bajo la perspectiva de género y diría más, de Derechos Humanos. No solamente por el espacio de reflexión, sino por el lugar de encuentro entre gestores que llevan adelante los más diversos proyectos en las más diversas ciudades bajo esta perspectiva. En lo personal, cabe agregar también que la calidez y cordialidad de sus anfitriones, han sido un ingrediente por demás poderoso para posicionarlo como un encuentro anual del cual nadie quiere quedar fuera.

    • Marcelo Costa

      Marcelo CostaINPROTUR, Coordinador Producto LGBT, Polo, Golf y Alta Gama

      "Mas de un 25% de crecimiento sobre el año anterior, casi no entra la gente en cada sesión, gran convocatoria. Año a año se organiza en mejores lugares y de hecho tuvimos que agregar escritorios en el market place debido a los requerimientos de mas destinos y empresas. Gnetwork360 hace la diferencia de otros eventos en este segmento a nivel mundial."

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